"I like how Dr. Ford really notices, listens, and is in-tune to nonverbal cues…" –- adult female

"Makes me think different, has changed me--I like the changes in me."-- adult female

"Thank you for all you have done. You have helped me a lot!"–- child

"I'm glad; glad that I don't have to lay down on a bed sofa and fill the room with words of self-deprecation…
I'm glad I could sit up straight in a chair and speak to you with leveled eyes."--adult male

"I don't mind spilling my emotions in this room, I feel safe..."--adult male

"It's been about two years since we started therapy and I'd like to memorialize and reflect. I've learned a lot in the last two years. I've learned about myself, communication, marriage and life. I've learned acronyms like CCDE (Clear, Concise, Direct and Empathic) which applies to every form of communication, really. I also learned MATH (how dreaded!) in a new way: New + Pain = Growth. I'm vulnerable, unsure, scared, in awe sometimes about what life has to offer and I'm feeling these emotions, in touch with my uncertainties, and also my power, my resolve."–-adult female

"As one year comes to a close and another one is on the horizon, I am reflecting on my experiences and feelings. I have learned a lot and come so far. I am loving authentically with love and feeling strong. I have seen myself letting go of a lot of my defenses and old patterns of relating to people. I am now more honest, accepting of my vulnerabilities and imperfections and aware of my capacity for deeply loving and giving. I am so grateful to you for helping me on my journey. Your wisdom and insight have had a profound effect on me. Our three years of therapy were difficult and challenging at times, but from this end, I can see how I was blessed by them."--adult female

“Dr. Ford is a gifted clinician with rare clinical skills. He works effectively with a wide range of clients, but I am particularly impressed by the results I have seen from his work with children and adolescents with emotional or behavioral concerns. He understands the importance of working collaboratively with families to effectuate behavioral change. I routinely refer clients to him, and am always confident that they will be treated with kindness and professionalism and will receive the highest quality clinical care.”--Anthony Henley, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Positively transformative: He encourages self-exploration while providing a safe, supportive environment, allowing clinicians to understand themselves as well as the intricate relationship between a provider and patient.”--Bernadette R. Landry, M.A., N.C.C.

"Dr. Ford,
Thank you for the months of training and willingness to help me grow as a clinician. Your challenges helped me to face areas of difficulty that I needed to become aware of during this process. Thank you for your patience too!"--Rebecca Hogg, M.A., Q.M.H.P.

"I completed both my assessment and therapy externships at Associated Clinical Services. The
supervision I received was invaluable. Having the ability to utilize Dr. Ford's vast knowledge of Psychodynamic theory to conceptualize clients helped me not only in my therapeutic work, but in my Clinical Competency Examination, as well. There was never a time that I did not feel comfortable asking for further exploration on a topic of interest. One example of this is when I asked Dr. Ford for help understanding biofeedback to support my clients with anxiety. Dr. Ford spent an hour of his time providing one-on-one supervision, ensuring that all of my questions were answered and that I felt competent and confident utilizing this technique. The experiences I have been given at Associated Clinical Services prepared me to be placed at my top internship site, and have positively shaped the clinician I have become."--Meghan Pruett, M.A., Clinical Psychology Pre-doctoral Intern